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The tragic hair stylings of Jude Thomas Wicks

I think it’s fair to say that lockdown has done nobody any favours when it comes to having a sharp hair cut (not strictly true – amazingly, a good number of wives of Premier League footballers, seem to be professional hairdressers – who knew!).

In those heady days of lockdown 1, during summer 2020, there were Facebook groups, parody Twitter accounts and an inordinate number of private Whatsapp ‘bants’ all dedicated to folks’ barnets looking rather ridiculous as a result of not seeing the sharp end of clippers for several months.

Now this seemed to be a largely male phenomenon and I know, if you’re a lady, you have to put up with split ends and ‘thick’ hair (desperately trying to sound like I know what I’m talking about), but let’s be honest, your hair just grows a bit longer. Whereas for men, every time we step outside, we worry we look like a 1980’s Deirdre Barlow tribute act.

However, as a parent, one thing it has allowed is the joy of witnessing the exponential growth of my children’s hair, complete with the opportunity to take photos with which to embarrass them when they’re older. With all the barbers shut, I’ll even have a ready-made excuse when they complain in years to come as to why they looked so ridiculous.

For the Wicks family, there can be no greater hair styling tragedy that those that have bedecked the crown of the youngest Wicks, little Jude.

On the cusp of getting his first haircut in March 2020, he then had to endure a further 3 months of continued growth to his blond flowing locks before such time as he could get his trim. Yes, on the second anniversary of his birth it seems fitting to mark the occasion by highlighting the tragic hair stylings of Jude Thomas Wicks.

Scroll through the images below and feel free to comment on your favourite hair disaster…

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