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Hi! Welcome to My Dadventures. If you’re reading this I imagine you fall into one of three categories:

  1. You’re a friend of mine who out of pity for their pal writing his own blog decided they’d better have a look just in case he asks you about it sometime.
  2. You’re a friend of a friend of mine who’s been told this guy Jonny very occasionally has written something funny and so you agreed to check it out only to be inevitably disappointed when you discover he’s not that funny after all. Thanks for trying – I appreciate you gave it a go.
  3. You don’t know me at all but stumbled upon this blog whilst researching for your next ‘Adventure’ by typing too fast and chucking in an extra ‘d’. It’s great to have you with us and keep going – you’ll be a touch typist in no time.

But however you got here, thank you for reading this far.

You can click below to find out more about us or the story of how My Dadventures came to be.


  1. Rebecca Stickland

    I generally don’t find time to read blogs but browsing facebook a link came up. I enjoy your writing and will subscribe. Thank you as I find your witness to faith inspiring. I look forward to reading more, best wishes Becky

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