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Swatches and monocles

Last time I shared the story of how I enlisted the help of three small people to make a marriage proposal to the lovely Gemma. If you missed it here’s a brief synopsis of what happened:

Me: “Gem, will you marry me?”

Gemma “Yes”

Ok, you’re all caught up now. So after the joy and celebrations, there followed a rather significant amount of planning (who knew!). Suffice to say those pre-Christmas months were chocked full of wedding related prep, from big stuff like choosing a venue, to the more mundane, like learning what a swatch is (blokes, no me either). May 14th 2022 was after all, but half a year away.

It’s said planning a wedding can be one of the more stressful things in life. Thankfully the future Mrs Gemma Wicks is very laid back about the whole thing and is also very happy to have my input on stuff, even bits I know nothingabout!

Gem: “What do think of these bridesmaids dresses? Do you prefer the full length chiffon or the keyhole neckline open back?”

Me: “Say what now?”

She even trusted me to go and pick out a suit all by myself for me and the groomsmen. I just know she’s going to love the purple sequined tails I chose, complete with matching top hat and monocle (of course).

And what about those table decorations? When it comes to artistic creativity, she has imagination, flair and loves drawing and painting. I, on the other hand, have the artistic ability of an accountant. So very patiently Gem will show me an idea and I’ll smile and nod, perhaps offering some small suggestion to make it seem like I know what I’m talking about, and then we’ll agree her idea was perhaps for the best and we’ll go with that. The process works!

What’s most fun is talking all this through with the boys who are very excited. Harry (8) seemed pleased to be asked to be best man until it was explained to him that he’d need to give a speech to 200+ people. He’s now sharing that duty with Andy who’s thirty something and willing to pick up the speech side of things.

Josh (5) is fully convinced that when you get married, the next day you have a baby, which he’s asked about several times. I’ve not yet got to the bottom of where he thinks this baby will appear from, but given the number of parcels we have delivered he’s probably expecting an Amazon style delivery. 

As for Jude (3), I’m fully convinced he’ll have pulled down the flowers, stuck his face in the cake and thrown a paddy on the dance floor when he’s not allowed to request Tractor Ted for the tenth time, all by the end of the evening. Roll on May 14th!

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