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Messy milkshakes

In the newsletter I produce each week, (if you don’t yet get it – why not sign up now to avoid missing out!), I wrote about kids being messy. And this reminded me of an occasion last year in which all my messy fears became reality…

You see I never realised it but I can’t abide messiness. Now Rachel would probably laugh at this, because I could be pretty untidy, but these days, when it’s down to me to clean up after everyone, how my view of mess has changed. I can’t leave the kitchen following a meal without washing up. Or once the kids have gone to bed, if I’ve forgotten to get them to clear up their toys from the living room, I have to wake them all up and get them to come down and do it (ok, not strictly true, but sometimes I’m tempted!) and if one of them drops food down their clothing, which you may be surprised to learn happens A LOT, I have to really really fight the urge to get them to change it, simply because it looks so scruffy.

Phew! Glad I could get that off my chest. I feel better for having admitted it already.

Anywho, my tale takes place at a delightful milkshake shop in our local town, affectionately known as ‘The Milky Bar’. With friendly service and delicious drinks, you get to sit on fun tall stools whilst enjoying your dairy based beverage. On this occasion my friend, Stuart, had kindly ordered and brought our drinks to the table.

Then over the next few minutes, I summoned my inner Henry Kissinger (one for the kids there), to coax and persuade 3 year old Josh into drinking the banana milkshake he had asked for and yet, after half a sip, decided was a bit too rich for his palate (trust me that’s the correct spelling – I googled it). Sigh.

And then came my mistake. I had become cavalier as to the ability of a 5 year old Harry to successfully hold and drink his milkshake without incident. Deciding the table was insufficiently secure to support his glass, he held the slippery container himself. Alas he was mistaken.

Around 3 slurps in, sure enough the milkshake managed to emancipate itself from his weak grip, temporarily rejoicing in its new found freedom as the cool air rushed past its shiny sides. Sadly its joy was short lived though, as gravity soon overpowered the vessel and it came crashing down onto the hard floor with a clatter.

It also managed to fall vertically, straight down. Now if Newton’s 3rd law of motion has taught me anything (yep I googled that too) it’s that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. That gooey mixture was coming back from whence it came and indeed it did, covering the front counter, the odd customer and a large proportion of the floor.

The poor gentlemen behind the counter declined my offer to clean up, and set about washing down what seemed like a thousand acres of gloopy floor, I believe he only finished last Monday. Even more impressive, the kindly lady serving was so generous, providing Harry with a free replacement. So technically he received 3 free slurps of milkshake. Take the win Harry, take the win.

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